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HBL is a leading industrial battery manufacturer in USA. We design, test and manufacture world’s widest ranges of batteries for applications including aircraft engine starting, railroads, utilities, telecoms, datacentres, UPS and switchgear. HBL offers several battery chemistries — lead acid, nickel cadmium, silver-zinc, thermal batteries and primary lithium. In addition we supply ancillary equipment and industrial battery chargers.

We serve our end user customers directly and via authorised representatives. HBL offers products with the HBL brand and we offer long term branded supply agreements for other battery companies and large scale users.

Our modern Connecticut facility supports customers in the United States and Canada with application engineering, sales and service. We stock a wide range of commonly used batteries from our portfolio and ensure local delivery of long lead time items and speciality batteries. We are one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world.


Applications: UPS, Engine Starting, Railroad — on car and trackside, Cathodic protection, Fire alarm systems, Signaling and Telecommunications, Solar — Photovoltaic, Instrumentation & Process Control, Switchgear protection, Emergency lighting, Switchgear, Genset starting, Diesel Locomotive Cranking, Electro Magnets.

HBL offers the widest range of nickel cadmium pocket plate batteries available from any manufacturer. We offer high, medium and low rate battery types allowing you to select the most cost effective battery based on your load requirements.

The field proven pocket plate electrode for nickel cadmium batteries is still considered to be one of the most reliable, robust designs of any battery. They survive in high temperature environments where lead batteries regularly fail — and perform in low temperatures when lead batteries need dramatic oversizing and risk freezing.

Nickel cadmium batteries are deployed where the customer demands the highest reliability and long lived batteries. Often the battery of choice for utilities, railroads and oil and gas installations — the pocket plate battery has a proven track record from the Arctic to the deserts of the Middle East.

HBL’s NCPP batteries are available as 1.2 V single cells & multi-voltage blocks. NCPP ranges comply with IS 10918 & IEC 60623 and certified by Intertek — USA.


Applications: Communications, Signals, Flashers, Highway Grade Crossings, Emergency power backup, PV sites

Designed specifically for the US railroad customer — the HRL range of nickel cadmium batteries delivers the rugged reliability expected by the railroad industry. For signaling and communications trackside applications in any climate — HBL HRL batteries are a perfect choice.

Tolerant of extremes of temperature the HRL survives where lead acid batteries require regular change out. Remote signaling sites, grade crossings, communications towers, and PV powered locations can be supported by the HRL battery.

HRL C&S batteries support railwaroad companies ongoing initiatives to reduce their overall spend, while still maintaining the exceptional advantages of the nickel cadmium battery.


Applications: Oil and gas — UPS and DC systems, Utilities, Railroad trackside applications, Switchgear/ substations, Emergency lighting, UPS, Fire alarm systems, Signaling, Fire alarm systems

This Ultra-low maintenance version of HBL’s pocket plate batteries offers the user the security of the most reliable nickel cadmium batteries while removing the need for watering. HBL’s VentPro ranges offer a recombination gas efficiency of more than 95%. No water additions are required in normal service.

The batteries can be supplied in racks (inc seismic approved versions) and cabinets. If required HBL can supply a perfectly matched battery charger to complement the battery and ensure correct charging.

HBL’s VentPro range complies with IEC 62259 and is certified by Intertek

The construction of VentPro is based on robust pocket plate technology by introducing special features to bring the water topping requirement to zero when operated as per recommended guidelines and needs only minimal preventive maintenance.


Applications: Solar sites, Offshore, Telecommunications, Railway signaling, Oil and gas, Emergency lighting, Microgrids/Rural electrification.

HBL HSL+ nickel cadmium batteries were developed to store the energy for critical and demanding applications at solar or renewable energy sites. Utilising a customised separator the battery recombines products of charging to virtually eliminate water loss. These batteries are completely reliable, with minimal maintenance, withstand deep discharges, rough treatment, over long periods and operate over a very wide temperature range.

HSL+ cells are available with standard or seismic racking — shock resistant polypropylene casing material and flame arresting vents are standard. All connectors are nickel plated copper and the robust nickel plated steel terminals are provided with take-off lugs to accept customer cables.


Applications: Telecommunications — BTS, Switchgear, Oil and Gas, Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Process control systems, UPS — Datacentre, Emergency Lighting, Railways

HBL’s AGM Triumph HP series is a valve regulated lead acid battery offering the highest reliability and advanced safety features. The battery requires no topping up and has been designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Triumph HP saves space and maintenance — horizontally mounted in secure racks — the terminals are easily accessible for voltage checks, while allowing the rack to be placed without requiring rear or side access. Cells are 2V — allowing easy interchange of a single cell rather than 12V monoblocs. HBL Triumph HP is UL recognized and has certified seismic rack arrangements available for added resilience.

HBL’s Triumph HP series is backed by HBL’s 40 years of design and manufacturing experience in specialized batteries. Triumph HP batteries are tested and certified by Intertek India PVT LTD as per IEC 60896–21&22:2004.


Applications: UPS — Data Centers: Banking Financial, Cloud computing, Information Technology. Telecom: Optical Networks, BTS, Central offices. Power Backup: Switchgear/Turbines, Railroads, Emergency Lighting, Solar Power Equipment, Medical UPS, Fire & Security Alarm Systems

Today’s global businesses demand a 24X7 uptime environment making Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) an integral part of the infrastructure. Batteries are the single most critical element of UPS system. HBL takes pride in positioning itself as the industry leader in manufacturing reliable, safe, high-quality Sealed Maintenance Free batteries for UPS applications.


Applications: Telecommunications — BTS, MSC, Data Centers. Solar Photovoltaic — Micro Grids — Rural Electrification, Street Lighting, Offshore Platforms, Navigational Aids. Railroad Signaling, UPS, Switchgear

The tubular gel VRLA battery offered by HBL is a proven product, designed to meet the demanding needs of cycling applications. These batteries are technologically advanced and are ideal for regular cycling/ deep discharge requirements of solar and other alternative energy storage. These batteries offer excellent cycle life and excellent performance under partial state of charge operation. Tubular Gel VRLA batteries are the preferred choice for telecom BTS sites with solar energy power, hybrid power systems and microgrids.

These batteries are maintenance free and do not require a temperature controlled environment to operate — they will operate between -20°C and +55°C. This allows the network operator to save significantly on energy costs (OPEX) that will be incurred in cooling a network site. These batteries also offer a faster recharge capability to save on diesel generator running time after deep discharge cycles — further cutting down on fuel cost (OPEX) and thus lowering the payback period.


Applications: UPS, Switchgear, Turbine starting

Pure lead thin plate technology is an advanced lead acid technology ideally suited to high rate discharge applications where TOTAL reliability is demanded.

Data centers are critical business hubs for banks, insurance companies, government institutions and many businesses. A totally reliable power supply is needed for their operations. UPS are typically used in parallel with diesel generators. On failure of the grid power the UPS takes on the load — while the generator is started, stabilized and switched to take over the critical loads. For the power system to be totally reliable the facilities engineer needs a totally reliable battery. This application requires the best available battery to deliver the load for a typical duration of 5 to 15 minutes. Thereafter the loads will have switched to the alternate genset power.

Uninterruptible Power Solution for Data Centers — the pure lead battery from HBL is designed to provide critical energy for short duration UPS loads, saving costly space — and being able to be installed close to active power components. The battery provides the maximum watts to minimize battery size — and it accepts extremely high rates of charge, allowing you to be protected more quickly in the event of repetitive outages.

Pure lead thin plate technology batteries are tested and validated by Intertek India PVT LTD as per IEC 60896–21 & 22:2004.


Applications: Battle Tanks and Armored, Vehicles

HBL’s “Battle Ready VRLA batteries” employ pure lead thin plate technology for the highest performance under the harshest conditions. Offering total reliability to start war fighting machines. The batteries are designed to fit standard NATO battery dimensions and are used by many military customers and vehicle OEM’s.

These valve regulated lead acid, maintenance free batteries are designed using absorbent glass mat (AGM) separators. The use of AGM separators in combination with self-resealing, pressure-regulating valves and a starved electrolyte design enables recombination of gasses generated during normal operation. This eliminates free acid and the need for electrolyte top-up. These batteries are tested and certified for vibration & shock survivability. Battle Ready batteries are delivered fully charged and are ready for use.


Silver Start on-board aircraft batteries employ Pure Lead-Tin, Thin Plate technology for high-performance. These Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are designed using Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators that render the batteries spill-proof for aerobatic use.

The use of AGM separators in combination with self-resealing, pressure-regulating valves and a starved electrolyte design enable recombination of gases generated during normal operation

This eliminates the need for electrolyte top-up. Silver Start batteries are delivered fully charged and are ready for immediate use. These batteries are a replacement for the Russian 12CAM28 dry charged lead acid battery.

Our success has been built serving some of the world’s most demanding customers and we would welcome an opportunity to serve your business too.


Light weight, high energy batteries silver chemistry batteries are designed and manufactured by HBL. Generally used in weapons systems but available wherever a light weight, proven power source is required.

HBL’s underwater propulsion batteries use Silver-Zinc technology. Combat torpedoes ( Primary) and practice (secondary) versions of the batteries can be supplied. Combat batteries are for single use and are maintenance-free. Practice batteries are rechargeable and can be reused. They are identical to the combat batteries in size and capacity, thus allowing the torpedo to run with the same power and duration as during a combat shot.

HBL’s has a strong engineering team, specialized in these Torpedo batteries. We can design , develop and test to your specifications.


Thermal batteries offer the designer the highest energy density in a package that can be stored for many years prior to use. When called upon to power the weapons system they stand ready to deliver their energy.

An energy impulse from an external source activates the thermal battery and ignites pyrotechnic materials within the battery to melt the electrolyte. The battery activates and produces high power for a short period of time .

HBL’s thermal batteries are custom designed to meet the requirements for short and long range missiles, torpedo engine priming, rockets and guided bombs.


Lithium and Lead Reserve Batteries are used in fuses of various weapon. They can be stored for more than 20 years prior activation.

HBL Reserve Batteries are hermetically sealed and designed to withstand high setback shock (up-to 50000 ‘g’s) and spin (up-to 30000 rpm) to which the munitions are subjected during combat, and still supply power with utmost reliability to the electronic circuitry in the munitions. These Reserve Batteries are designed to function consistently over a temperature range of -450C to +710C.

HBL has developed several models of Lithium and Lead Reserve Batteries for powering electronic circuitry in fuzes of Projectile shells, Mortars, Guns…. Our Reserve Battery Division has a highly skilled work force and facilities for designing, developing manufacturing, prototype testing & battery qualification in accordance with MIL standards.


HBL-SZ-45 is a 22.5V, 45 Ah rechargeable secondary Silver Zinc Aircraft Battery.

This chemistry can deliver a very high specific energy and hence has been installed on an Aircraft for start as well as for emergency.


HBL is a large scale manufacturer of batteries — we recognise that sometimes partnerships and private labelling of batteries for customers who wish to build their own market presence can be attractive. HBL has experience of branding products for several well known companies across the world.

Capture Aftermarket sales — a private labelled battery has a strong potential for revenue long after the first sale.

Extend your range — HBL has products that can immediately compliment your in-house product abilities

Enter new markets — geographical reach or local codes are challenging — HBL can help from our global knowledge, development abilities and location.

Secure manufacturing capacity without major capital investments. HBL can contract manufacture to your designs.

Please contact us if you would like to explore HBL’s abilities to build your business.


HBL manufactures batteries specifically designed for your application, to achieve specific missions or to form/fit specific spaces. We welcome working in novel business models for promising start-up technology providers, helping you de-risk innovation and to keep costs at a minimum in the development of your ideas.

We have in-house a complete design, testing, tooling and manufacturing capability.

  • Engineering and Design Team
  • Government of India approved test labs.
  • Electrical, mechanical shock and vibration labs
  • Environmental testing
  • Mechanical systems development
  • In-house PCB assembly
  • Third party certification work
  • Tooling and prototyping
  • Manufacturing

Let HBL America be your partner for battery development and manufacturing — we welcome a dialogue with you — please contact us.

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